Dr. Jasmine Marcelin- Infectious Disease Fellow at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN

Dr. Alberto Marcelin- Family Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN

Dr. Radmehr Torabi- Neurosurgery Resident at Brown University-Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, RI.

Dr. Jacqueline Choi- Pathology at University of Illinois COM at Chicago

Dr. Vladmir Klinov- Neurology at UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Med Sc.CooperUni. Hospital

Dr. Allyson Bagenholm- Family Practice at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Systems

Dr. Adam Isacoff- Pediatrics at St. Peter's University Hospital

Dr. Bhartiben Patel- Psychiatry Resident at Duke Regional Hospital - Duke University School of Medicine

Dr. Alexandre Losik- Surgery Resident at Maimondies Medical Center

Dr. Peimei He- Internal Medicine Resident at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Dr. Melanie Nukala- Surgery at Western Reserve Health Education, Inc.

Dr. Kirill Alekseyev- Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Resident at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

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